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Our Homeschool Branches

Learn More About our Culture and What We offer


Sycamore Nature Groups

A Day in the Life

One of the most important aspects of our culture in Sycamore is cooperation and support. You will see this best modeled by our incredible mamas when out in nature. Whether it's helping carry an extra bag or kiddo across the creek, offering a snack to help sustain a toddler till the end of a hike, comforting a little one after a scraped knee, or sharing our knowledge of nature with the group along the trail, you will see every member of our group naturally step up and jump in to help when needed. There is no judgement or shaming in our group. Forgot a diaper? It's ok. Have a crying kid the entire walk? It's ok. Feel totally on top your game, like you have conquered all things motherhood that day? Awesome! We love it! Wish that there was wine in your water bottle instead of water? Don't we all?!


This is real life and we have all been there. We are all on this parenthood journey together and this group is here to support you.

Our nature outings usually last about two-hours, give or take. We often stop for (several) snack breaks and allow the children to freely explore their natural curiosities (which often means several additional stops along the way!). Often times kiddos will bring fishing nets, bug catchers, nature journals, binoculars and pocket guides (or Mom's iNaturalist on her phone) along with them. We really try to let the kids take the lead in these adventures, with us simply acting as guides and safe spaces for them. 

Nature group days are one of our favorites. They are healing and good for our souls. There is honestly nothing like bonding with others amongst the beauty of the natural world around us. 

Current Members Click Here for Calendar of Nature Outings


Sycamore Classroom Co-op

A Day in the Life

Our co-op building in Baltimore, Ohio was designed with love and intention and is meant to be a home-away-from-home while you and your family are at co-op. Our space functions as a place of learning for our kids, and a place of refuge and support for our families.


When you arrive at our co-op you are welcomed by a cozy seating area where the kiddos love to gather to play cards, board games and draw. Mamas can sit an enjoy a cup of coffee together on one of our couches, or curl up with a book and a cup of tea on one of our cushy chairs. We offer a common eating space with a refrigerator, snacks, bottled water, utensils, plenty of seating for everyone, and an industrial, restaurant size coffee maker that's always on brew! We also offer lockers to store your belongings in for the day.

Our "school year" is September- May, with December off for family time. We also operate on a reduced frequency schedule in the summer, concentrating more on "experience and field trip" types of activities.


For our babies, toddlers, and preschoolers: Our 3 and 4 year-olds (and some of our younger 5-year-olds) have their own designated preschool class. The Seeds and Saplings preschool room is a large imaginative play and learning room equipped with age appropriate activities, toys, and interactive learning materials. Our Nest nursery is fitted with cozy chairs for mamas and babies, age appropriate toys, and a changing table. This room is for our kiddos aged Newborn- 2 years old. 


For our older kids: Classes are taught by volunteer co-op mamas. We utilize this option to keep our monthly fees as low as possible by not hiring teachers. This also allows our mamas a creative outlet to share their passions. We have many former teachers as part of our co-op and these women really embrace the opportunity to do what they love. We do not require anyone to teach, as we would never want anyone to be in a position where they are not comfortable, but we do ask that every parent chips in to help in some way. Teachers always need assistants, we need help with clean-up after lunch, some will help prep materials, etc. 

The day consists of arrival and morning meeting, and then three 45-minute classes. We offer a choice of classes each 45-minute session and you and your child will choose the class that best fits them and their personality. There is a 10 minute break between classes. 

All classes and materials for each student are included in the membership fee. Monthly fees are deducted on a 12-month basis, or the option to pay-in-full in August will be available as well. 

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Sycamore Co-op Parent Culture

Friendships, Outings and Connections for Mom and Dad

Parenting is hard. Homeschooling is hard. Daily life is hard. Having an outlet and a safe space to release some of that stress and tension, and gather with other like-minded moms and dads, is often a much needed reprieve. 

We offer monthly "Mom's Night" and "Dad's Night" outings and activities. These activities have ranged from the dads going ax throwing and bowling, to the moms singing karaoke in a barn and having drinks a local winery. Every event is carefully thought out and planned. Regardless of what we go or where we go, it's the simple act of being together that matters.  

We also have something very special and unique to our mama culture that is very dear to my heart. Our Care Committee was specifically formed to come alongside mamas and support them in good times and bad. Whether its a surprise baby shower to love on a new member of our Sycamore family, a care package or meal train when someone is having surgery, or a card and some flowers to help through the loss of a loved one, our Care Committee truly surrounds the women in our group with love, support and encouragement.

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