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Welcome to Beneath the Sycamore!


We are so glad you are here!  

Beneath the Sycamore, a learning cooperative located in Baltimore, Ohio, is a space designed for community and connection; a place to nurture relationships and foster growth. We provide families and individuals the opportunity to connect with one another through art, nature, wellness activities, community events, and shared meals. We truly believe in the power of community and how essential it is in our daily lives. 

Beneath the Sycamore hosts community classes and events, and is home to Sycamore Learning Cooperative, a homeschool co-op. We also house two privately owned and operated businesses within our building, World Martial Arts Academy and Paint Parties for Fun.


Our Roots- Who Are We?


We are a unique group that embodies the true lifestyle of living in community with one another. We share resources, knowledge, support, encouragement, and a love for learning.

We strive to help bring back the beauty and simplicity of an unhurried childhood for our kids. We give children and adults alike the opportunity to connect with one another through art, nature, classes, and outings. We offer families the kind of community and support they need. 


We truly believe in the power of being surrounded by a strong community. 

Our Core Values


When we live authentically we give others around us permission to be who they are as well. We are real here. The good and the bad, the ups and the downs.


No matter where you come from or where you're going, you always have a seat at our table. Everyone is welcome. 


Everyone has something to give. We value collaboration over competition. When we work together, we learn and grow together. 



We aren't meant to do this life alone. We need other people. We need community. 

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